Ruramba Parish

Saint-James Ruramba Parish is one of seventeen parishes of Gikongoro Catholic Diocese. The parish church is located in the Southern province of Rwanda, Nyaruguru district, Ruramba sector. It covers the totality of Ruramba sector, a great portion of Mata sector and a small part of Tare sector.


His Excellence Mgr Augustine MISAGO, ancient Bishop of Gikongoro Diocese

Date of foundation

28 June 2001


Saint James. It is celebrated on 25th July every year.

Number of Catholic Christians

According to the diocese statistics of 2020, Ruramba parish contains 30,984 people, whose 16,762 catholic Christians, means 54,09 % of all population.

Health Center

Ruramba parish has only one health center, placed near the parish church and behind the presbytery. It is administrated by Abizeramariya Sisters.

Catholic Schools

In the territory of Ruramba parish, there is four catholic schools, such as:

  1. Groupe Scolaire Marie Reine de Ruramba
  2. Groupe Scolaire Saint-Luc de Mata
  3. Groupe Scolaire de Gisanze
  4. Giseke Primary school.

Parish Priest


Natal Parish: BISHYIGA
Phone No: 0789 623 552
E-mail: reverienne1(a)

Sacerdotal Community

In the presbytery of Ruramba parish, there are two diocesan priests:

  1. Father Révérien SINGAYINTUMWAYIMANA, Parish priest
  2. Father  Callixte SENANI, Vicar